Pixel 4 is the new generation of Google premium Pixel Smartphones. Pixel 4 was designed to be soft in the hand and approachable, human. The form has been carefully sculpted out of aluminum and curved Gorilla Glass 5. Pixel 4 design is confidently different, approachable and simple. The sophisticated yet fresh approach to materials, colors and finishes is uniquely Google. The carefully sculpted rounded profile of the aluminum frame smoothly transitions to the front and rear glass surfaces, making it soft and light to the hand while the display blends into the product. Pixel 4 celebrates the simplicity of the form by highlighting each element in a very graphic way, the high contrast tones denote the function of each part. The black frame integrates all Input and Output (I/O) elements such as buttons, connector, and audio ports.  On the rear, all imaging sensors combined in one iconic single square element.
Designed by Google Industrial Design Team
Photo & video credit: Google​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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